Monday, August 31, 2020

Penis Longer Naturally

So you want your Penis Longer and most probably you are finding ways to do so. The good news is, that it is possible and on top of that it's through natural means. There are other expensive and harmful ways to do so which we would not recommend as there are risks and complications involved. In other words we are against surgeries and pills to increase penis size as it leads to itching, red spots and bruising (side effects).
We recommend penis enlargement exercises to increase not only the size but girth too.

There are stretching devices today which leave a bad impact on veins and with the passage of time comes with a lot of side effects. The below exercise and other exercises which we have mentioned on our blog comes with safety. The instructions and recommendations on this blog are tested and proven to work naturally.

Here you can find a couple of good and tested techniques to increase length and girth naturally

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One useful exercise to longer penis
Jelqing: This is an exercise which can bring prominent difference is size if followed correctly and done with repetition. Make a O shaped grip using your index finger and thumb and hold the base of the penis, now slightly harden the grip until you feel the grip but also feel comfortable, now keeping a slight pressure move the O shape gesture towards the head, you should feel the stretch, keep it stretched for 5-10 seconds and repeat 6-8 times. If done properly for a couple of months, you will see prominent difference in size.
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Friday, August 28, 2020

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises - Increase Penis Size safely & Naturally

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What are the natural ways to increase penis size and girth? There are some useful and safe ways which will be discussed here! First is exercise and we will tell you how to do it safely.

This exercise is based on the basic technique which is stretching, if you do the below mentioned exercise daily for 3 weeks, you will see significant difference in length and girth...Don't get to crazy with these exercises and take them serious if you want increase in length and girth, stay safe and health..!

how to do? You need to grip daddy just below the head, remember that the grip should not be that tight neither too lose, get to a comfortable point and then stretch it out away from your body, keep it stretched for 5-10 seconds, do not stretch a lot as it may hurt the nerves. Now repeat the same by stretching it towards your knee, keep it stretched for 5- 10 seconds. Third stretch is towards your belly button. Second part of this stretch is to stretch with a twise, use the same instructions to perform this stretch as mentioned above but also add clock wise and anti clock wise stretch.


That's right the second best natural way is to massage but there is a way to do it. You need a mixture of almond oil and mustard oil, equal quantities. Once you have the two oils mixed up, now it's time to apply it!

Wash your thing and dry it off well, now just put a couple of drops on the area below the head and rub it massaging with your thumb and fingers. Rub it until the oil gets absorbed, now cover your cock with a rough but clean cloth, keep it covered for a couple of hours and then wash it with water. Trust me, if you do this for a month, you will see big difference in size and girth.

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Increase Penis Size - 2-4 inches increase

If you have wanted to increase penis size every since you realized that it is possible to do so, join the club! Most men out there are unhappy with the size of their members and hence, try to do whatever they can to turn the situation around. The first thing they do is log onto the internet and try to find the most popular method out there and decide that because people are talking about it, it should work, right? Wrong!

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Pills, extenders and surgery, oh my! They don't increase penis size.

Your research on how to increase penis size will lead you towards three paths- you can either make pills a part of your daily diet, use extenders or go under the knife. Starting with pills, these basically consist of the growth hormone that enters the blood stream and make the body grow in all directions. Yes, people have been able to increase penis size with pills but there are a large number of side-effects that come along with this decision.

Either nothing will happen and you will only end up wasting your money or every problem in the world will come knocking on your door and you will neither be able to increase penis size, nor be able to walk without flinching in pain ever again. You may even be nauseous after every meal and find it difficult to pass urine after a certain amount of time.

Extenders are stretchers that are attached to the penis to pull it and make it longer. The idea behind this contraption is that if you pull the organ for a long enough period of time, the muscle will extend and you will be able to increase penis size. All that sounds great but sadly enough, it is not possible. How can it be? You can't pull your fingers or your hair to make them grow, can you? Same logic applies for your member and those who came up with extenders obviously meant it as a joke of some kind. Well, nobody's laughing.

Surgery is the worst option because it involves going under the knife and obviously, taking a huge risk. The procedure is very expensive and you may or may not get the results you need. If you do, you will be on bed rest for at least a month and during those 30 days, you will need somebody to help you go to the bathroom and if the surgery doesn't go well, you will not be able to go to the bathroom without crying out in pain every time. Why would you put yourself under that much stress and practically kill yourself to increase penis size, especially because there is another method out there that will add at least 3 inches to your length and 3.5 inches to your girth without any pain whatsoever? It is known as biochemical penis enlargement.

How Biochemical Penis Enlargement Works to Increase Penis Size

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Puberty is that horrible time in our lives when everything changes, our moods irritate us and the worst part at the time is that our bodies look alien even to us! That's when a boy's penis starts growing because the growth hormone kick-starts the creation of a chain which extends through the body. This chain is made of nutrients and biochemicals which are active in the body which makes sure that the growth hormone does its job well. After a certain point, the process of puberty ends and some of these nutrients and biochemicals are removed from the chain which basically means that they are not active anymore- they still exist in the bloodstream but as dormant elements.

With the help of biochemical penis enlargement, these nutrients can be made active once again and hence, you can increase penis size in the right manner. What the above mentioned products forget to mention is that until and unless the insides of your body agree with the external products, no change will take place. This thought is the reason behind this method's success and because it makes perfect sense, you honestly can't go wrong with it! It keeps the external and internal resources in total harmony and makes sure that you increase penis size without the unnecessary stress and sleepless nights. Do I need to Exercise to Increase Penis Size?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that there are people out there who claim that they have seen excellent results by using pumps and weights to increase penis size but again, the chances are 50-50. However, once you are done with the biochemical penis enlargement treatment, you can carry out simple exercises, sans the weights and pumps to increase penis size. This will make sure that the said biochemicals remain active and that they remain where they are supposed to exist. Once the level of nutrients and biochemicals in your body is high enough, you will be able to increase penis size and it works fast enough so you can't argue on that front!

The best part about biochemical penis enlargement, apart from the obvious, is that once you have perfected the technique, there are no restrictions on the number of times you need to carry it out to get the results that you need and want. Studies and surveys show that men have been able to add 4 inches but who's to say you can't be the one to break this record?

As long as you do everything you are told and stick to the standard number of repetitions, you will be able to increase penis size in practically no time!

That said, yes, it will take about 9 weeks to get the standard results but that shouldn't matter because all your hard work will pay off in the end and you will be able to strut around with at least a 9-inch long penis soon enough. All the girls will want to date you and the guys will wonder what your secret is. But you won't tell them, will you?

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Increase Penis Size - 2-4 inches increase

If you have wanted to increase penis size every since you realized that it is possible to do so, join the club! Most men out there are u...