Friday, August 28, 2020

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises - Increase Penis Size safely & Naturally

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What are the natural ways to increase penis size and girth? There are some useful and safe ways which will be discussed here! First is exercise and we will tell you how to do it safely.

This exercise is based on the basic technique which is stretching, if you do the below mentioned exercise daily for 3 weeks, you will see significant difference in length and girth...Don't get to crazy with these exercises and take them serious if you want increase in length and girth, stay safe and health..!

how to do? You need to grip daddy just below the head, remember that the grip should not be that tight neither too lose, get to a comfortable point and then stretch it out away from your body, keep it stretched for 5-10 seconds, do not stretch a lot as it may hurt the nerves. Now repeat the same by stretching it towards your knee, keep it stretched for 5- 10 seconds. Third stretch is towards your belly button. Second part of this stretch is to stretch with a twise, use the same instructions to perform this stretch as mentioned above but also add clock wise and anti clock wise stretch.


That's right the second best natural way is to massage but there is a way to do it. You need a mixture of almond oil and mustard oil, equal quantities. Once you have the two oils mixed up, now it's time to apply it!

Wash your thing and dry it off well, now just put a couple of drops on the area below the head and rub it massaging with your thumb and fingers. Rub it until the oil gets absorbed, now cover your cock with a rough but clean cloth, keep it covered for a couple of hours and then wash it with water. Trust me, if you do this for a month, you will see big difference in size and girth.

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