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How to Increase Semens Quantity Naturally

How to Increase Semens Quantity Naturally

How to Increase Semens Quantity Naturally

Some of us usually mix up semens with sperm, sperm is actually the living cell where as semen also contains substances from prostate. Semen also has seminal vesicles.

What is considered as low sperm count:
Normal sperm densities range from 15 million to greater than 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. If it's less than 15 million, then it's considered low.

If you eat the following items more, it will increase semens quantity naturally.

1- Dark Chocolate It is considered to be one of the best food items for the purpose. The reason behind it is the antioxidant and enzyme called L-Arginine. The other cool part is that it tastes good...!

2- My all time favorite Eggs, reason behind is the fact that eggs are rich wih Vitamin E and protein that helps with the mobility of sperm. If the doctor, asks you for semen analysis report, this metric which is mobility of sperm is mentioned there. If the mobility of sperms is not up to the mark, then it's sometimes hard to get a child, so eat eggs daily. As per my research it's ok to eat 2 eggs on daily basis, unless you are told by a doctor not to eat it. Eggs are also rich with zinc. It helps boost sperms.

3- Bananas, tasty, delicious and rich with Vitamin B1, C and magnesium. It not only helps with better mobility of sperms but also helps in producing more sperms. Make it habit to have Banana Milk shake at least once a day, it doesn't hurt but don't take it on empty stomach. Have a meal and then have milkshake.

4- Walnuts, I am crazy about these brain like beings. It's rich with omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts improve the vitality of sperm. So there are three major aspects, which needs consideration to make your sperms capable of fertilisation and the foods mentioned above help with it.

1- Mobility of Sperms - ability of sperms to move rapidly: 60% to 80% actively moving will help in fertilisation
2- Vitality of Sperms - the percentage of living, healthy sperm in your semen
3- Production of Sperms - Producing more semen with healthy sperms


You should eat a balanced diet always and have a healthy life style. Eating healthy is important but you need to follow an exercise routine too. If you smoke a lot, avoid it and try to quit smoking as soon as possible as it's hurting your body's ability to produce healthy sperms. Take good rest every night for at least 7 hours. If you follow these instructions and eat the above mentioned foods more often, I am sure that you will see prominent increase in your semen quantity.

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