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Urinary Tract Infection Men - UTI Causes and Symptoms

Urinary Tract Infection Men - UTI Causes and Symptoms

I will try to explain the details in simple words, not robotic or in doctor language as one of my friends have been through it and I want no one to suffer the same way. His condition was severe and it was recurring(recurrent UTI) Recurrent UTI in adults is defined as repeated UTI infection with a frequency of 2 or more UTIs in the last 3 to 6 months or UTIs in the last 12 months. He followed the instructions by doctor and took antibiotics. Also he focused on UTI home treatment as follows:

Urinary Tract Infection Men

The urinary tract is comprised of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection caused by pathogenic organisms (for example, bacteria, fungi, or parasites) in any of the structures that comprise the urinary tract. However, this is the broad definition of urinary tract infection. Women are more likely to get infected with it than men. You need immidiate attention to cure it as it might be too late if you don't take action as soon as possible. Untreated UTI can damage kidneys. Read complete details below. There are normally two types of this infection, one is where the patients uretha or urinary parts gets affected and the second type is where the kidney and other organs than uretha gets affected (organs which are responsible for purifying blood and passing the urine). It's also known as water infection and urine infection in men.

What are the symptoms for urinary tract infection (UTI)? UTI symptoms

-Pain in your kidneys - UTI pain
-Puss in urine
-You might feel burning while passing the urine
-You might get blood while passing the urine (but normally its not the case in UTI, if you are getting blood in urine than its more likely because of kidney stone so seek doctors help as soon as possible)
-You might feel the urge to pee more often than normal
-May cause vomiting and fever
-Pain in the abdomen
-Change in urine color (darker and more yellowish)
-You might be able to pass less urine because of blockage and bacteria in the way

UTI causes, Some of the main causes of urinary tract infections are:

-intercourse with infected person
-Waiting too long to urinate
-Pregnancy -menopause

How a person gets infected with this infection? the bacterium Escherichia coli which is naturally present in our body, enters urinary tract and causes this infection.

Note: If you have diabetes or if you are pregnant then you should consult a good doctor because the nature of treatment will change.

UTI home treatment and Precautions: (for men and women)

-Good hygiene for males and females is necessary; for females, wiping from front to back helps keep pathogens that may reside or pass through the a n a l opening away from the urethra, take bath daily and keep your body clean
-Drink excess of water everyday until its fully cured. The human body can store only up to 1 liter of water at a time. So when you drink more water, you will have to pass the urine more often, which takes out the harmful bacteria.
-Drink fresh juices specially the ones which are acidic in nature such as orange, cranberry, lemon, pineapple etc. It has also been observed that eating pineapple and oranges in natural form will also kill bacteria and will prevent the infection to further increase.
-Put one tea spoon of baking sode in water and drink it at least once a day.
-Wash and urinate soon after s e x
-Avoid a n a l as research has proven that you are more likely to catch this infection this way
-Always use condoms during i n t e r c o u r s e. Clean your hands and private body parts afterwards
-Eat vitamin C enriched fruits such as lemon, orange, banana, guava, kiwifruit, melon, pineapple, raspberry, tomato, papaya and watermelon as they contain a high amount of Vitamin C

What I highly recommend?

If your condition is severe, reach out to an experienced urologist. I am also sharing some useful programs/products to treat UTI naturally as follows

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